Friday, May 14, 2004

These are Good to share -----

Friends may b old. friends may b new but real friends r very few,So
whenever u r lonely,Remember its true... Someone at some where, is
thinking of u...missing u
If u love some one its nothing ,if someone loves u its something but,if
u love someone n someone also loves u its every thing.
life ends when u stop dreaming, hope ends when u stop believing, love
ends when u stop caring.. friendship ends when u stop sharing.. so
always be in touch my friend!!!!
A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he She
asked him if he would want to be with her forever....and he said no.
She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry? and once again
he replied with a no. She had heard enough . As she walked away, tears
streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said....You're
not pretty you're beautiful. i dont want to be with you forever. i
NEED to be with you forever, and i wouldnt cry if you walked away...
i'd die...
A Guy & a Girl can just be frends but at one point of time they will
fall 4 each other....May be temporarily ,may be at wrong time,may be
late or may be forever...
Someone asked me how much i miss u .I said ::Try catching raindrops,the
ones u catch is perhaps how much u miss me & the ones u miss is how
i miss u..
If kiss was a raindrop, i'd send u showers .If hugs were seconds ,i'd
send u hours.If smiles were waters, i'd send u the sea.If frendship
a person i'd send u me..
Kisi ki chahat pe jinda rehane wale ham na the,
kisi par mar mitne wale hum ne the,
aadat si pad gayi tumhe yaad karne ki, warna kisi ko yaad karne wale hum

naa the..
Heart beats are countless...spirits are ageless...dreams are
endless...memories are timeless...a friend like u priceless.
Sirf chahne se koi baat nahi hoti, Suraj ke saamne kabhi raat nahi
hoti, hum chahte hai jisse jaan se bhi jyada, woh saamne hai par baat
nahi hoti .
muskuraengi ankhen firse rone ke baad ... subha ayegi sham dhal jane ke

oh jane wale zara mudke to dekh ...shayad ye zindgi na rahe tere jane
If u ask me that how long i'll be ur friend, I'll say i don't know....
caz i really don't know whichone is long... FOREVER or ALWAYS...
Maana Hum Izhaar Nahi Karte Maana Hum Ikraar Nahi Karte Magar Yeh Mat
Sochna `Pagal' Ki Hum Pyar Nahi Karte
u know y GOD created gap b/w tat on some day the one who
made 4 u comes and fill those gaps by holding ur hand forever.
Life is 4 u, death is 4 me, being happy is 4 u, being sad is 4 me,
being together is 4 u, being lonely is 4 me, everything 4 u but u r 4

yaad karo ya na karo, ham gila nahi karte, Virane me phool kabhi nahi
khila karte,
magar itna yaad rakhna e janeeman, mujh jaise aashik bar bar mila nahi

Nigahen aapki pehchan hain hamari, muskurahat apki shan hai hamari,
rakna hifazat ap apni, kyunki saanse apki jan hai hamari

ab to tumhi se pyar karne ka man mene bana liya, kal sapne mein dekha ke
tumko pa liya, mujhe bhool na jana ae humsafar ke ab ye dil humne tumse
laga liya

Doori na rahe koi humme tum itna karib aa jao, pyar karunga tumhe sabse
jyada, meri jaan meri bahon mein aajao.
Shaam dhali phir kaali raat aayi, dil dhadka phir tumhari yaad aayi,
aankho ne mehsoos kiya us hawa ko,
jo tumhe chukar hamare paas aayi...

Koi shaam aati hai tumhari yaad lekar, koi shaam jati hai tumhari yaad
hame to us shaam ka intezaar hai jo aaye tumhe saath lekar...

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Got Gmail account. It is great to have 1GB space with clean and friendly environment.

Monday, February 02, 2004

About Methods

Even 20 to 25 lines is a bit long. There are many reasons that your average method size should be considerably smaller. One to twelve lines is a better goal.

Some benefits (these are a few off the top of my head):

Maintenance costs. The longer a method, the more it will take you to figure out what it does, and where your modifications need to go.
Code readability. After the initial learning curve, smaller methods make it far easier to understand what a class does.
Reuse potential. If you break down methods into smaller components, you can start to recognize common abstractions in your code. You can minimize the overall amount of code dramatically by reusing these common methods.
Subclassing potential. The longer a method is, the more difficult it will be to create effective subclasses that use the method.
Naming. It's easier to come up with appropriate names for smaller methods that do one thing.
Performance profiling. If you have performance issues, a system with composed methods makes it easier to spot the performance bottlenecks.
Flexibility. Smaller methods make it easier to refactor (and to recognize design flaws, such as feature envy).
Coding quality. It's easier to spot dumb mistakes if you break larger methods into smaller ones.
Minimizes the need for comments. While comments can be valuable, most are unnecessary and can be eliminated by prudent renaming and restructuring. Comments that restate what the code says are unnecessary.

Downsides (maybe):

Initially it's harder to work with code with lots of methods. Over time, however, you will see well-composed code as having greater clarity.


Performance. You rarely create performance problems with more methods. If you do, it's very easy to inline methods. The rule of performance is always: make it run, make it right (e.g. small methods), make it fast (optimize).


It's difficult to do, but you can go too far. Make sure each method has a valid reason for existing; otherwise inline it.

Monday, December 15, 2003

One could learn the Java keywords with a poem

Abstract boolean, break the byte!
(break the scheme)
Case and catch and "char" with class!
(have your own style)
Const continue, default do.
(don't be like the others)
"double else" extendS final

(thinking twice make things harder (?))
(remember to pronounce the S here)

Finally, float for goto
if implementS import
(if you need a strong programming implement, rebel and try "goto" (this is ironic,of course. Pronounce the S here, don't forget))
instanceof int: interface
(talks for itself)
Long native? New package!
(Change old traditions for new technologies)

(now it comes the superhero saga part)
"Private Protected Public" return!!
(in part I, Private Java protected the public classes city. Now, the saga continues)
Short, static, strictfp
(a description of his braveness fp: firm precission (?) )
super switch synchronized this
throw, throws transient
try "void, volatile" while assert
(He can dissapear)

What do you think? No... please don't tell the truth.

Courtesy: JavaRanch

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Good to see Gosling photo on Header and Navigation changes gives more accessibility to developers...

Seems Gosling has changed the UI :)

Sun is trying to reach developers... they kept the Developers Home Link.

Friday, December 12, 2003 Beyond MVC: A New Look at the Servlet Infrastructure

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

This has Mock Exams, Exam Docs for SCEA, SCBCD.

JDJ SPECIAL - Answered: The J2EE Questions No One Else Dared to Ask

There are some interesting answers for the questiosn asked.